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tv   [untitled]    June 11, 2013 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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terms of if you are going to make a specific recommendation to support or to deny does have to fall your recommendation has to fall within the criteria that the planning commission can use. and you can then because you are sort of like a member of the public, so to speak, you could, add any additional things that the commission may want to say, but, in terms of making a recommendation to the planning commission, it has to be based upon that criteria. am i making any sense? >> yeah. if i may? >> commissioner dwight? >> yes, so thank you, that criteria by which we are to judge is the very criteria that the planning commission is to judge and i would appeal to both parties here to use that criteria has guidance for your presentations to us. you may present other materials as well. but understand that we are
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obligated to observe some guidelines here, okay? that being said, these are guidelines. and we are going to hear both parties, describe their perspective and relative to these guidelines, and we are rationale human being and we will make a rational judgment on that or not. and we will process the information on the guidelines and all of the other information that we get. i for one, am more than happy to learn more about the guidelines to be schooled on conditional use and formula retail and chains, and these criteria, that is fine, that is all part of the learning process. i also would like you to do us the courtesy of knowing that this is what we have to learn about and i am sure that i have to be sure that four years ago, you studied this carefully and presented some case that i was not here to benefit from, that
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you are doing the same thing before you go the planning commission which frankly is more important than your presentation here, because we don't make the decision we make a recommendation, and i hope that your presentation to the planning commission is or you will make to us is as rigorous as it will be to the planning commission and understand the guidelines by which they will make that decision. >> in that context i am delighted to hear your presentation, and another shot at it from you guys, and if we need a third presentation from the planning commission about this then that is great. >> i move that we continue this to a hearing to be determined as soon as possible, hopefully. >> i would like to... i think out of respect of the businesses on both sides, we should either make a decision
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whether it is the june... >> i would make it just because i don't want the businesses coming in the middle of the day and our monday meetings are at 2:00 in the afternoon. >> so the july 8th meeting. >> so i will move that we continue this to the july 8th meeting. monday, july 8th. and that i would request that we have a member of the planning department staff give a presentation as well on formula retail. >> and i think that what i would like to do is also add that our city attorney is here too, because the planning department staff i want to combine both what your purview is as small business commission. >> right. >> and your role and your responsibility on making recommendations, and as it relates to the conditional use process. so to both have the city attorney and the planning department. >> and okay. >> and we will be like that,
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and would we like the planning department to provide some form of a presentation on the... like on the criteria? >> yes. >> yes. >> on the customer review kind of what we already provided you but just to kind of reinforce and go through it. >> yes, please. >> and similar. >> and if there homework that we could read in advance that is great. >> and then director, we will speak about this, but also, you are directing at the city attorney. >> correct. >> is there a second? >> i second. >> commissioners, there is a motion by commissioner o'brien to continue to july 8th of 5:30 meeting. and to invite the planning and city attorney, and this is a seconded by commissioner dwight, and roll call?
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>> adams? >> yes. >> commissioner dooley. >> yes. >> commissioner dwight. >> yes. >> commissioner o'brien >> yes. >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena is kaoused. >> commissioner white. >> commissioner yee riley. >> yes. >> 6 to 0. >> okay. >> thank you. all for coming out appreciate you all out. >> we need to call ortiz-cartagena back n >> i did receive a text that he had an urgent matter and so he had to leave. >> okay. >> do you want to take five? >> we want to get out of here. >> commissioners, i have to get
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up at 5:00 a.m.. >> that places you at item nine. >> commissioners so i will just to let you know that we had the third meeting quarterly meeting with the small business leaders and the mayor and the topic that this last meeting with the mta and i think that commissioner dwight would you like to maybe expand upon the discussion under your commissioner comments at all? >> i am sorry. i was in a hunger enduced coma >> i was talking about the mayor's quarterly meeting with the mta was the topic much of what was heard and feel free to expand upon it in commissioner comments. but, much that was presented to the mayor was much of what we heard at our commission meeting. although, the mayor did say
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that he would seriously, and will take into consideration a small business adding to the attributes for an appointee to the sfmta board. small business, small business owner. so, and with very, very heartfelt and very sincere as that being a needed attribute. to the board. >> and i can add to that. >> so i have followed the discussion with the mayor's office. and you know just so everybody understands the sfmta board is appointed by the mayor, it is 7 people and there are no, vacantcies on that board, there are quite a few new commissioners on that board. and pending fee change there. and any... the appointment of any new commissioner, with any new criteria is pending a natural
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or unnatural changing of the guard. so this is not something that necessarily the mayor can decide right now, book. right now we are going to make it and switch it up. i think that the mayor is or was very receptive to the notion that there be representation of the small business interest on that board especially as we are now seeing, i think, perhaps unlike the past, a much more organized kind of reaction from small business to some of the things that are going on. and i also and you know ed reskin was present at the meeting as well and so he continues to make himself available to hearing the concerns of small business, both on specific projects like second street and polk street and geary street and various other ones that are right in, and about to start digging in some of these places.
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>> he was under represented and i think that small business we can opt out by saying that we have businesses to run and that happens a lot or we can't be bothered or we will deal with it when it comes down on our heads. i think that this is, i think that we are seeing, the emergence of a much more organized and much more vocal, merchant's associations and so, what i have said in each of these forms is the plot of the merchant organizations for organizing as they have that is how the small business is going to get representation in the city. i was hopeful after that meeting that we are making progress and the right direction. and i think that it is important that the small businesses community understands the, you know, the way that the government works
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here. this is not... the mayor is not going to add a 8th board member. right? and he is not going to swap someone out for the sake of doing this for small business right now and there is a process that has to happen but the wheels are turning and the process is beginning and it is through continued engagement and showing up at these meetings and scott has done a nice job of organizing this. >> and yes, so, just, just to double echo commissioner dwight and i do feel the mayor and the director really i felt like they really understand the issues and the concerns that the small businesses are raising and taking and very seriously. and so, that said, moving
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summer youth jobs and we still have 800 jobs and i so i will encourage you to promote the summer youth jobs program for the private sector it gets connected through our united way partner at match bridge. and so if you again, need the connection and the information, please let chris know. and he can get that information to you. but, really i want to encourage you to still promote. the fact that we would like to have more private sector summer jobs for our youth. >> and on-line business portal. so moving into phase two, as part of our budget discussions and we on monday, is the formal presentation to the budget committee on our budget which is part of the office and economic workforce budget and so we are working on the final
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details of our current on-line budget. but so i am working with todd and jay, and the mayor's budget office and the new director of dt, mark tutu to finalize the project goals and how we are going to achieve with the budget which we are finalizing as well for 13/14, and we just had a meeting today and it was i was pleased to see the new director of our department of technology, very engaged and very understanding of what we want to accomplish with this on-line business portal and really, sees it as a critical need for something that needs to get done. and so, i will keep you apprised as to how this comes out through the end of the week and let you know. by the end of the week where we
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are in terms of actual dollars and how we are going to work with those actual dollars. >> and then, ada, under ada in july the office will start to receive 65 cents of every dollar that is collected through each business registration to work on doing ada out reach, education. and so, the plan is to do i want and we do need to make our websites much more informative and provide more information, so i will be spending some of those dollars of allegations to better improve our information materials on-line. and doing research. and i think that the research that we have been conducting in our office taking a look at some of the issues around historical preservation and there is more that can be done at the local level and state
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level, that we can be making recommendations to improve the environment and also, to be able to expand opportunities and to be able to do cast inspections that are outside of the invested neighborhood area. >> do you have any idea of how much money this is going to be. >> we are roughly guesstimating about 65,000. >> great. >> and the affordable care act on may 23rd, cover california announced the 14th diverse insurance plans that will be offered and the entities that are participating in the, they are not going to change it from the exchange program into the market place. and so, individuals now can go on-line, and to start doing comparable plans and we i want to encourage commissioners and
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there is a press release attached to the director's report and we will get some information but i want to start encouraging you to start going through these web sites, both as thinking about your employees or your business and individuals and then also from a business perspective how are you, what questions do you come up, and what questions come up for you and i will outline these for you before i leave and get them out to you. the key thing and i think that i said this before is that what i see is the affordable care act and except when you start getting into a business with 50 or more full time employees. and it is really an individual mandate and that is going to be towards a large percentage of our business, you know the businesses that we represent. and our healthcare security
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ordinance is an mandate and those two things don't line up well whatsoever. and so, to really understand, kind of the direction that we need to go and take in relationship to how does the healthcare security ordinance fit with the affordable care act? >> you really need to start really understanding how the affordable care act works. so, because there is potential subsidies for individuals depending upon their salaries, you know, under 400 percent of the poverty level there are subsidies. and there are different plans, so there is everything from they call them the bronze, silver and gold and platinum and so, and each of those plans has the bronze is the employee
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pays 60 percent, and it goes up and the platinum is basically the employees are paying i think, 90 percent, or the individuals are paying 90 percent of what the premium is and so what do those costs like like in relationship to what do those costs look like? the thing about the market place is that it is supposed to be every day. you know whether you looking at this insurance provider, or this insurance provider, they are all, providing the same type of coverage so that you are comparing apple to apple and i think that for businesses if you are looking at insurance plans it is not apple and apples it is what this provider says that we have this plan and this is the cost and this provider says that we have this plan and this is the cost and you take a look at it and say what can i afford and what will, you know, what can i
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afford, what will be, you know, the kind of coverage that i want to be able to give to my employees. but, with this market place, you are supposed to be able to look at these different plans and they both are supposed to be providing pretty much the same thing and so that you can do cost comparison. i think that the questions, kind of get into is you know, what happens there say lot of questions in terms of you know, scott has sort of brought up the issue of if you are an insurance company, and you are a business. and you provide the coverage that the employee has to pay and if the employee denies and the employee says that no i am not going to take the dependant coverage but they can get it through the exchange program at a lower price they will not be able to purchase on the
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program and there is a lot of sultsties that we are learning that are pretty complex about how. and they will want to buy their own coverage and will it effect the amount of participation that the business needs to have in the employee participation that the business needs to have for their employees to participate for them to be able to get the insurance coverage at the cost that they have negotiated with the insurance provider. am i making any sense? >> and so any way, but i think that... yeah, i understand. i want to encourage you to look at this and read it because it is complex. >> one question, if the answer is that it can't be answered, that is fine.
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>> the healthy san francisco and the affordable care act today, are they mutually exclusive or and your anticipation of what you envision in the future based on the knowledge of it so far which i think is as much as i know and you know more than anybody else that i know or would you say that based on your knowledge so far that they will be complimentary and maybe present and an individual may be present in both of them. i just want to know that right now and i don't need any other details. >> i would say that as it is looking, they are almost exclusive. >> you will be signing up with one or the other? >> well, the thing is that you are not going to be able to sign up, and you can't sign your employees into the city option because the city option is no longer health insurance, and the individuals mandated to provide coverage for themselves with the health insurance. >> okay. >> that is all that i need to know. >> i just have one question
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because it is confusing, and particularly i know, it is going to be very confusing on the small business and there is going to be a lot of paper, is there going to be out reach? was there funding available for out reach for the small business to get this information to comply? >> so, we applied for a grant with the department of public hel and public health and we were not awarded that and that is because san francisco is much more ahead in being able to identify its populations to reach out to because of the healthcare security ordinance and because of the... and let
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alone the affordable care act and so, there is interest to do out reach in education, but i do think that once we start to do out reach in education it is going to come up, how does the healthcare ordinance play in? and we need to have that answer. >> so, we are working on it and i do anticipate that you will be getting some presentations down the road but i just really want to encourage you to take the time to go to the coverage california site and taking a look at how this works because in talking with rob black and other entities that are looking at it and as you look at it more and more there is more information and it is confusing. or there is a lot of information, there is a lot of unknown and questions about how would i apply this? or, how would i apply it? >> okay. >> all right.
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i think that i will just kind of let you read the rest. i did excuse me want you to know that in my absence we do have a schedule and an on call schedule to make sure that the counter hours are covered in case somebody is sick and so that is there for you. >> who is thelma? >> i apologize. i forgot to mention of that under..., we have a temporary help for the summer. >> good. >> and she worked in our office last year as an intern and or as a volunteer or excuse me, and so we have brought her on and we have some funding for a temporary person to help cover dealing with vacations and things of that sort, so that she is here for at least, i think through the end of july. >> and then, tomorrow, we are
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meeting with the sponsors for small business week. and doing a sponsor debrief, and you have, there are some typos in here and this was the first draft and you have a copy of what will be presenting to the sponsors and just to get their feedback on their participation for small business week. >> commissioners most of you have an invite to the school coalition event on the inside of the blinder. >> and those of you that don't got it somewhere else. >> monday, or saturday. >> it salt lake tribuneds like you are under the weather. i hope that it gets better before you take off. >> enjoy your trip. >> thank you. >> don't think about this place. >> go and have some fun. >> all right, so that concludes my report. >> next item. please? >> number 1 0, president's report. >> i have, well i just have unit em, this weekend i will be
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participating in a group discussion on saturday with san francisco architectural heritage and also (inaudible) torez from the oewd will be speaking and preserving history being businesses in san francisco. and it is an interesting topic that i have been discussing with directors and we will be ready for that one. and that concludes my report for the moment. >> and i will tell you where it is at but i don't know where it is at. >> we will find out. >> and send out an invite. thank you. >> next item, please?
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>> commissioners its em eleven, vice president's report? >> nothing to report, except for i am trying to get out into the different communities and i went to the prolocal event where i saw commissioner dwight. and that was a great event and to see all of the small businesses out and great. >> >> that was thursday. >> wednesday. >> last week. >> next item, please. >> commissioner's 12, reports? >> do we have any commissioner reports >> i do. >> riley? >> i attended the mayor's meeting with commissioner dwight, and it was pretty well attended and it was well organized too and we don't know who is speaking about what and like the director said, the mayor is very open to a different suggestions and i
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also attended the district seven, business summit, and it was a great to see all of the different representatives from the different departments and in the city hall and so instead of having everybody come to city hall, we have people out there meeting with them and the questions and all of that. and it is pretty well attended too and the top priority for district seven is parking and the people that, the merchants complaint about having the car parked there and get broken in and everything is stolen. >> and ask for more police. that is it. >> thank you. >> i have a report. >> okay. >> so, i attended the second street improvement meeting. and i attended the mayor's 23rd transportation task force of which i am a member and i attended the small business meeting with the mayor and actually, transportation is a topic of discussion in all of
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those forums and as it turns out and specifically around parking and sort of the visa vi, the city's transit first, policies, and so, any way, i am in staying in engaged in those discussions and encouraging other small business owners and merchants associations to be involved in them as well. and also, i have an article published in this month's issue of ink magazine, where i talk about micromanufacturing and shout out for a number of small businesses here in san francisco. and so, i'm a columnist now doing a column every three to four months and so my next article i hope to write about how small business and government can work together to make business better on a local basis. >> that is great. >> congratulations. >> can i have that? >> i will send a pdf >> i would like to add on my report that i did attend the
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mayor budget announcement. >> and i attended last week, a lunch in sponsored by american express to discuss how they could better improve their relationships with our small businesses. >> great. >> >> next item. >> please? >> 13. general public comment >> do we have any members of the comment that would like to make a comment on the future meetings? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> 14 is new business >> do we have new business at this time? >> seeing none, the next item, please. >> 15, is adjournment. >> motion to adjourn? >> a motion. >> second. >> all in favor, aye. >>
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